Sundown Audio SD-2 10D4

A few weeks ago one of my old school Kicker Solobaric S10Ds tinsel leads wore out after years of pounding abuse.  I had them in an enclosure by SuperCrewSound under the rear seat of my F150.  It has 0.6cuft per sub which is ideal for the Solos .  I was running them in stereo on an old school Rockford Fosgate Punch 800aii amp, at about 240Watts per sub.  So I wanted to purchase a new set of subs.

I finally decided on a pair of Sundown Audio SD-2 10D4s.  I have heard nothing but good things about SA’s gear so I took the plunge.  The SD line is designed for small enclosures, but still have incredible XMAX.   The Fs is also pretty low, coming in at 39.7Htz, nice!   From Sundown’s site:

The SD-2 woofer was born of the need for a woofer as close to the performance of the SA series as possible but with significantly less mounting depth. We started with the same heavily tested and proven cone, surround, and spider assembly of the SA line. From there an all new motor was engineered using half the magnet height of the SA line combined with a solid back plate. The solid back plate allows the SD-2 line to be mounted directly against the enclosure wall eliminating the need for venting space behind the motor assembly — this reduces effective depth requirement by another inch! The SD-2 line is still able to effectively vent the voice coil through 16 holes drilled around the basket perimeter as well as a vented voice coil former allowing it to handle it’s rated 500-watts RMS with ease.

I got the dual 4Ohm versions so I could wire them in series/parallel for a net 4Ohm mono load for on my RF Punch amp.  It has a birth certificate stating 1096Watts bridged at 4Ohm mono, the SA’s are rated 500Watts RMS, so it’s a perfect match.

I purchased them on eBay from Woofers Etc for $149 each with free shipping.  Curiously Woofers Etc doesn’t offer the SD’s on their website directly, I could only find them on eBay.  When they arrived they were packed very well, and they were not ‘B’ stock.  The first thing I noticed was their weight, man are they heavy.  Their construction is impeccable, I am really impressed.

So, how do they sound you ask?  In a word INCREDIBLE!  I did notice that the cones did not have enough clearance to the floor in the down-firing configuration of the enclosure.  I added about 1″ to the feet of my enclosure and that seemed to mostly give them the clearance required.  The low-end extension of these woofers in unbelievable in a sealed enclosure.  They outperform the Solos hands down (of course I’m not comparing apples to apples, since the Solos got about half the wattage).

Here are the SD-2 10D4’s Thiele/Small parameters:

Fs: 36.7 Hz | 39.7 Hz
Re: 4.0 ohms | 8.0 ohms
Qms: 5.51 | 5.45
Qes: 0.48 | 0.56
Qts: 0.45 | 0.52
Cms: 0.10 | 0.09 mm/N
Mms: 184 g | 178 g
BL: 18.7 NA | 24.7 NA
Vas: 15.6 L | 13.8 L
Sens: 83.9 dB | 83.5 1w/1m
Le: 2.69 mH | 4.06 mH
RMS: 500 watts

2 thoughts on “Sundown Audio SD-2 10D4

  1. Just came across this. I have a pair of sd2 10 d4 too. I have a 2011 silverado crew cab and they are currently in a downfiring box by subthump. Sealed. I had a jl13tw5 and I hated it. The low end was virtually nonexistent. Sundown blows away any jl or alpine system I’ve heard outta the water. The value of these subs is what’s up. 150 bucks brand new for this monster of a thin sub lol. I’m about to try and build a ported box just to see what they do in that. 1st box build so I’m not planning anything fancy. I do wish I could find some used ones but in texas very few people have even heard of sundown audio. I also own a sax 1200d amp running the subs wired in to one ohm. Can be beating on it and it gets warm but have never felt it get hot. Quality equipment. Good company. Nice review man!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts Thomas. Since this post my SA’s have broken in quite nicely and hit so amazingly hard! I recently purchased a Ford Fusion and moved these subs into a ported enclosure in that car. I fixed the tinsel leads on my old Solos and put them back into the truck. Just like you, I set out to build my own ported enclosure, but found a deal on Amazon that was cheaper than I could purchase just the MDF for, $69 shipped! The enclosure is a very well built Atrend 10-Inch Dual Vented Subwoofer Enclosure I posted about it too. I also posted the ideal ported enclosure dimensions in this post that you may find useful. The low end extension of the SA’s in the ported enclosure is unreal. So when it comes to a ported enclsure, I say go for it and good luck!

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