iOS7 iPad update, now wrong time?

11x0302v444ipad2Last night I successfully updated my iPad 2 (wifi only) to iOS7. I went through all the settings to double check my preferences were kept and look for new settings to play with. A little while later I noticed my iPad had the wrong time, it was 3 hours behind! Apple’s iOS7 is supposedly perfect, how could this be you ask? Well I found the culprit. When I first got my iPad 2 I was looking for ways to conserve battery life. I found that turning off the Time Zone – Locational Service would give me more life per charge, great! Well when I updated to iOS7, my preference to the Time Zone – Locational Service ‘OFF’ was kept. The iPad had no time zone reference once it restarted, hence the 3 hour difference in time. I went to Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Setting Time Zone and turned it ‘ON’ and voila my iPad had the proper time! I then turned it ‘OFF’ and all was well.

Did you have a similar experience or other oddity with iOS7? Comment below!

One thought on “iOS7 iPad update, now wrong time?

  1. Sounds like something a guy I know called “C B” would do something like that, it’s the lil things we geniuses always miss

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