HP Photosmart 5510 wifi won’t connect?

We have an HP Photosmart 5510 wireless printer.  Now that we got the new HP PC, I couldn’t get the printer to stay connected through wifi, and available to my PCs.  I had to use the USB cord to connect it to my desktop PC.  My iPads can ePrint to it, but my HP computers can’t, isn’t that stupid!?  HP made both and they can’t seem to talk to each other over wifi.  I searched high and low in the interweb and finally came across the fix here and here.  These posts instruct you to change your router’s security from WEP or WPA to WPA2, which is what I did.  This meant that EVERY wifi connected device in my home (all 10 of them) needed an updated password, but hey it was worth it and it actually worked!  It seems the change to WPA2 has a double bonus, my iPads – which since the last iTunes/iOS update have refused to sync over wifi – are now syncing to iTunes over wifi!

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