Energy Take Classic 5.0 speaker set

My wife and I recently purchased a new sectional for our Family Room.  It was a bit larger than our last one, and took up more wall space along the back of the room.  This meant we needed to move the side table where one of my JBL Flix surround speakers lived.   It was time for a change.  I’ve owned the current speakers for 15+ years.  A descent set of JBL Flix surround set – center & surrounds, accompanied by a pair of Cerwin Vega RE-16s for the main left/right stereo.  For my 6th-channel (center rear), I’ve been using a left over JVC I had laying around.  I built my own powered sub-woofer enclosure, that we refer to as the mini-fridge.  It consists of an 15″ DVC Tempest subwoofer by Adire Audio, powered by a Dayton 250Watt plate amplifier.

I wanted to find a single set of speakers that were smaller, more dynamic and didn’t cost a fortune.  I did my research and homework and decided on the Energy Take Classic 5.0 speaker set.  CNET gave them a glowing review.

…outstanding sound quality for a compact surround-sound speaker system. All of the speakers feature a beautiful piano-black finish, looking more expensive than the system’s budget price. Altogether, the system is one of the best home theater values available…

I also read tons of customer reviews on multiple sites.  My decision was an easy one.

Now the question, where will I find the best deal for these speakers?  I looked around for a few days, and finally found a NIB Buy-It-Now listing on for $179 + free shipping!  How could I go wrong?  List price is $349, even Amazon has them for $249.  I bought the set on Thursday night and they just arrived today.

I went about opening the box right away, like a gitty school aged kid on Christmas morning.  I have to say, as so many other reviews have stated, I am VERY impressed with the look and feel of the speakers.  The piano-black finish is impeccable.  They are worth every bit of the $349 price by looks alone.  Meticulously wrapped in a layer of tissue paper followed by a layer of clear plastic, all sandwiched between two pieces of Styrofoam snugged into the box, they were sure to arrive in perfection.  Along with the 5 speaker set was an instruction manual and 3M brand self adhesive rubber feet.

So how do they sound you ask?  Well, I quickly replaced each of my former speakers with the new ones, and immediately noticed the clarity and rich sound that came from such modestly sized speakers.  I whipped out the microphone for my home stereo, and let it auto-tune the new speaker set.  Wow, now it sounds even better!  So crisp and clear, vocals are easily heard.  Where some channels sounded muddy, they now have new life, very vibrant.  It is amazing how these speakers sound.

The added bonus is the new found space provided through smaller speakers – one of my purchase goals.  Where my fairly large JBL FLIX center channel sat proud of my 56″ Sharp Aquos LCD TV, now lives a nearly unnoticeable but very impressive Energy Take Classic center channel speaker.  The same for my Cerwin Vega RE16s.  Where they took up the entire bottom shelf of my side book cases, the Energy Take Classic speakers now take up barely a quarter the space.  I was also able to fit the surround speakers easily behind the new sectional, where the old surrounds barely fit.

Two thumbs up for the Energy Take Classic 5.0 speaker set!

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