meI was born, raised and live in CMCH, NJ, about 5 minutes outside of Wildwood.  I love the Jersey Shore, and have loads of sand in my shoes!  I’ve been involved with computers, programming and anything electronic all my life.  I enjoy surfing, car/home audio and mountain biking.  I also like to hack away at PCs, and been known to fix a few here and there.  Car and home audio are my true passion.  I’ve spent a ton of money on car audio over the years, teaching myself 12 volt systems.


To “pay the bills” I work for Atlantic City Electric, since 2001. I am currently a Senior Field Technical Instructor.  In short, I train others on the safe operation and switching of the Transmission and Distribution system in southern NJ.  Prior to 2001, I worked 3 years as a field engineering tech (FET) for Dominion Virginia Power.


NO_wysiqygFor some “play money” I started a web design company in 2004, CAM Web Design, which I ended in January of 2017 due to changing positions at my real job. I began learning to code at 12 years old after purchasing a Commodore 64 in 1984, with my own hard earned cash, and have continuously learned programming languages and haxor skills.